I’m Abhikram Shekhawat a student of 12th Standard in JPIS (Jayshree Periwal International School), Jaipur. A 17-year-old wildlife photographer/enthusiast and President of Photography Club of JPIS based in Jaipur.

   I’ve been tracking Big cats since an early age of 4. My fondness for wildlife and nature started in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and eventually, it turned into a passion for nature photography back in 2016-when I was lucky enough to grab a camera and explore the wilderness in the outskirts of Jaipur.


   Along with the love of Tennis, my love for photography has grown, and the more time I spend with the camera, the more I get eager to learn about the nuances of photography. A journey which initially started by a few average snapshots of wild animals turned into a thirst for creating artistic fine art nature photographs to please the audience’s eye. I intend to showcase the audience moments from the wild in aesthetic pictorial form.


   I actively work with 'Tiger Watch' to support their efforts in tiger and nature conservation. I am Co-founder at 'Fateh', an NGO which is working tirelessly towards promoting sustainable energy. We at Fateh embarked on a mission to install solar panels in the tribal areas of Ranthambhore in collaboration with Tiger Watch-it is called 'Project Noor' and it is currently under progress. My works in photography have been recognized by National Geographic, Paws Trails Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Nature in Focus and various other renowned wildlife and conservation platforms.