All the images under the portfolio section are available for sale. The prints can be customized according to the specifications of the customers. I do not sell more than 10 prints of an image.


Each print will be signed by me personally.

Sizes and Prices

  • Price of each corresponding size is mentioned below

  • Customizable print sizes may be possible

  • The sizes refer to the long side, while the short side could vary depending on the image.

  • The cost does not include shipping charges



20’’ x 30’’ (50 x 75cm)

₹ 7,500/-

24’’ x 36’’ (60 x 90cm)

₹ 9,500/-

26.5’’ x 40’’ (75 x 100cm)

₹ 12,500/-

32’’ x 48’’ (90 x 120cm)

₹ 17,500/-

Prices exclude taxes and shipping cost

* 60% of all the money earned will go to 'Tiger Watch' and their Conservation Works.

Steps to acquire your limited-edition print

  • Identify the image(s) you are interested in under the ‘Portfolio’ section.

  • Write to me at with a screenshot of the image you are interested in attached and the size you would like. I will get back to you with the final quotation.

  • The image will be sent for printing once your order is confirmed, and payment can be made electronically. I will ensure that your chosen print reaches you without any delay and uncompromised quality.